Microsoft Teams – A Tool for Efficiency

  With our business day already packed with meetings and events, finding a tool to bring our work day together is invaluable. Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365, is a great addition that provides the full breadth and depth of Office 365   For an individual user Teams provides a one stop overlay to all your Microsoft Office 365 features, including SharePoint, … [Read more...]

Improve Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint

  Three Ways SharePoint Can Help Your Business Thrive through Efficiency  When your business needs a solution for managing its data, it needs SharePoint. Because of its customizable access to a variety of business resources, SharePoint allows your staff to arrange the most efficient access to the data it regularly uses -- and needs -- to do its best work. SharePoint is most effective in … [Read more...]

5 Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

      According to data published earlier this year, by this time in 2018, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions. If you're wondering why cloud computing has become the de facto standard in a relatively short amount of time, we want to share five significant ways that this technology can benefit businesses of all sizes:   1.  Flexibility … [Read more...]