Tips for Managing Your Business While Traveling

    Whether you’re meeting clients or going to conferences, travel can be an essential part of growing a business. If you need the ability to travel and want to ensure your business runs smoothly while you’re away, we have several tips that will help you out:   Understand Your Working Style   Traveling can be a very rewarding experience. But it can also get … [Read more...]

Working with Reliance Technology Solutions in 2017 and Beyond

  Now that fall has arrived, it's time to think about any major initiatives you want to complete during Q4. IT is one topic that may be top of mind. The reason so many businesses across numerous industries are thinking about IT is they hit a point where it becomes a bottleneck for their growth. Since IT is something that should help your business move forward instead of holding it … [Read more...]

Find Out Why Your Company Should Be Using Managed Services

                          At Reliance Technology Solutions, we help companies become more productive and profitable through managed services. Since we know from working with a wide range of companies just how beneficial managed services can be, we want to share exactly what they can do for … [Read more...]

Choosing Office 365 Means You Can Do Business Anywhere

    When Microsoft Office was released in 1990, it permanently changed the way the world worked. Just over two decades later, Microsoft once again redefined work by releasing Office 365. The feature that makes Office 365 such a game changer is it securely harnesses the full power of the cloud. By moving all of their proven applications to the cloud, Microsoft has made it possible to … [Read more...]

Computer Preparedness BEFORE the Storm

Each year, lightning in the United States causes close to $2 billion in annual economic loss due to computer damage and data loss. As a business owner, the last thing you ever want to experience is going into your office in the morning and realizing there's a major problem with your computer equipment or data. Since this can be an expensive problem to fix and can expose your business to all kinds … [Read more...]

Microsoft Partner Conference 2017

Last week Mark and Nicole attended Microsoft Inspire (formerly the Microsoft Partner Conference) in Washington, DC. While there they got to spend time networking with vendors, learning about the many changes and new technology features at Microsoft and seeing many of the amazing sites around DC. We were excited to learn that all of our favorite Microsoft employees are still gainfully employed … [Read more...]

Taking Your Server to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

  Technology changes constantly. It often seems like overnight we have new options as new products promise exciting tools that you didn’t even know you needed! One important tool for running an efficient business is the humble server.  Businesses have relied on an onsite server at their office locations in order to manage their data and software.  One of the issues with this plan is … [Read more...]

Five Great Ways to Reduce Downtime!

Reducing Downtime | Reliance Technology Solutions | Cincinnati OH  In business today we rely on our IT systems to help us reach our goals. Frustration sets in as we wait for programs to load, updates to finish and files to save. Watching the blue Microsoft wheel turn is not a good use of our time. To greatly reduce downtime check out these five steps a business can take to keep you up and running … [Read more...]

How to Master the Digital First Impression

First impressions last. It’s more than a saying; recent studies in neurobiology have proven it. But in the Information Age, first impressions are less and less likely to be formed in person. Instead, they are delivered on computer screens via the results of a Google or LinkedIn search. Before ever connecting with you in the real world, people are using the web to get to know you, and they’re … [Read more...]

Basic Security All Businesses Should Follow

    Technology is a wonderful tool. It helps our businesses succeed and makes life easier for business owners and employees. Unfortunately along with the advantages comes the susceptibility for attack as witnessed in many recent leading news stories. While these headlines are directed at large corporations the smaller businesses also need to beware as a security attack can strike … [Read more...]