What Are Proactive IT Solutions and How Can They Help Your Business?

What is Proactive IT Solutions and How Can they Help Your Business? Recurring system errors, data access issues, workflow problems, and the ever popular “technical difficulties” can be real nuisances. Not only do they have the potential to slow down or halt productivity, but they also can have a negative effect on morale and your employees’ job satisfaction. However, there is a proactive … [Read more...]

Microsoft Teams – A Tool for Efficiency

  With our business day already packed with meetings and events, finding a tool to bring our work day together is invaluable. Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365, is a great addition that provides the full breadth and depth of Office 365   For an individual user Teams provides a one stop overlay to all your Microsoft Office 365 features, including SharePoint, … [Read more...]

The Top Tech Trends for 2018

      We want to use this post to cover the top tech trends that are most likely to define the upcoming year:   The Internet of Things (IoT)   Over the course of just one year, The Internet of Things has grown by more than 30%. One of the reasons this technology is growing so quickly is it has applications across almost all Industries. From … [Read more...]

Find Out Why Your Company Should Be Using Managed Services

                          At Reliance Technology Solutions, we help companies become more productive and profitable through managed services. Since we know from working with a wide range of companies just how beneficial managed services can be, we want to share exactly what they can do for … [Read more...]

Five Great Ways to Reduce Downtime!

Reducing Downtime | Reliance Technology Solutions | Cincinnati OH  In business today we rely on our IT systems to help us reach our goals. Frustration sets in as we wait for programs to load, updates to finish and files to save. Watching the blue Microsoft wheel turn is not a good use of our time. To greatly reduce downtime check out these five steps a business can take to keep you up and running … [Read more...]

Basic Security All Businesses Should Follow

    Technology is a wonderful tool. It helps our businesses succeed and makes life easier for business owners and employees. Unfortunately along with the advantages comes the susceptibility for attack as witnessed in many recent leading news stories. While these headlines are directed at large corporations the smaller businesses also need to beware as a security attack can strike … [Read more...]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

  Nicole and I just attended our first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando. Reliance Technology Solutions was proud to be nominated for a Rising Star award in the Central Region. What an incredible event! We saw keynote speeches from top Microsoft executives, watched demonstrations of new technologies and met one-on-one with many Microsoft employees with loads of helpful … [Read more...]