Are your systems safe?

Protect your privileged client data with best in class security solutions.  From firewall sales and installation, backup solutions, spam filtering, and anti-virus, Reliance Technology Solutions can manage of all your small business security needs.


SonicWALL is a top-tier security vendor that offers appliances aimed at securing the connection between a client’s network and the internet.  Most commonly, we implement a firewall appliance which provides the following benefits:

  • Unified Threat Management – A subscription service that helps protect your network from threats such as viruses, hackers, and other malicious activities.
  • Deep Packet Inspection – Looks at the contents of your data to scan for these threats.
  • Bandwidth Management – Maximize your internet connection by controlling usage on a per-application basis. i.e. VOIP Phones
  • Content Filtering – Block websites that should not accessed from your business network.

Offsite Back up

Imagine what would happen if your company experienced a hard drive failure and all your files from the past several weeks were simply gone. We never know when disaster will strike. One option is to send the hard drive to a vendor that will try to retrieve it potentially costing you thousands of dollars and taking several days to complete, plus there is no guarantee they will recover all of your files, if any.

By setting up an automatic offline backup solution you protect your company’s valuable data by storing current copies on a regular basis. A quality service saves the data to multiple locations and encrypts the data transfer for security.

Should your systems fail the files can be easily retrieved and reinstalled on your new hard drive.

Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering

The best defense when protecting your systems is always vigilance. Scammers are getting harder to detect as they flood the internet with encrypted links and send very convincing emails disguised as a well-known company name. If in doubt always call the company in question to verify they sent you an email. Never click on a link to log in, go to the company website and log in directly.

While no solution is 100% effective, by implementing a strong anti-virus product you greatly reduce the chances of malicious codes causing havoc to your company.

Spam filtering is another service that can isolate an email that shows great potential of hosting a virus. The solution can direct suspicious emails to junk mail or even quarantine emails that show a particularly high risk on contamination.