Optional Package Add Ons


Dell SonicWALL is a top-tier security vendor that offers appliances aimed at securing the connection between a client’s network and the internet.  Most commonly, we implement a firewall appliance which provides the following benefits:

  • Unified Threat Management – A subscription service that helps protect your network from threats such as viruses, hackers, and other malicious activities.
  • Deep Packet Inspection – Looks at the contents of your data to scan for these threats.
  • Bandwidth Management – Maximize your internet connection by controlling usage on a per-application basis. i.e. VOIP Phones
  • Content Filtering – Block websites that should not accessed from your business network.
  • No upfront cost or new hardware to purchase – Reliance will provide the correct unit required for your business with a replacement unit every three years.

Reliance Technology Solutions is a Dell Preferred Partner recognized by Dell for their competency with Dell SonicWALL security solutions.  This means that every member of the Reliance team has been trained to get the most out of your security appliances.

Hosted Server

Microsoft Azure is a cloud based server solution for your business. Experience improved productivity with ease of accessibility to data and applications.

Benefits of this approach include:

  • Lower upfront cost.
  • Continued savings, no new server hardware to buy…ever!
  • Improved budget management, your cost is based on consumption and you pay as you go.
  • As your business grows capacity can easily be increased to meet your needs.
  • A higher level of security.
  • Access anywhere you have an internet connection, no need to remote in to your office PC while out of the office.

Data Back Up 

Don’t become a statistic. Some reports indicate that as many as 80% of businesses that suffer an unrecoverable loss of data go out of business within one year of the event.

By setting up an automatic local and offline backup solution you protect your company’s valuable data by storing current copies to the cloud on a regular basis. A quality service saves the data to multiple locations and encrypts the data transfer for security.

Should your systems fail the files can be easily retrieved and reinstalled on your new hard drive.

  • Local Backup – automated backup to an onsite device for quick and easy recovery.
  • Offsite Backup – encrypted automatic to a secure, offsite location.

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