Microsoft Teams – A Tool for Efficiency


With our business day already packed with meetings and events, finding a tool to bring our work day together is invaluable. Microsoft Teams, a hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365, is a great addition that provides the full breadth and depth of Office 365  

For an individual user Teams provides a one stop overlay to all your Microsoft Office 365 features, including SharePoint, Chat, OneDrive and much more. For a company it connects every member, allowing access where required and reliable collaboration throughout.   

Within our company the chat feature allows us to connect in real time while in the office or away through apps on your phone or other devices. Chat history is automatically stored for review or later viewing if contact is unavailable at that time. No more relying on emails to communicate resulting in a missed update. 

Working on joint files and projects is easier in Teams. Share and edit collaboratively on documents, spreadsheets and presentations using the latest Office applications such as Word and Excel. Any updates are synced with a copy stored in SharePoint allowing every team member access to the most up-to-date version.  

Teams also provides a calling and meeting experience. Video chat is also available, if desired, and is built on the next generation cloud-based infrastructure that is also used by Skype and Skype for Business. You can even share files and presentations to make your meetings more productive. 

A mobile workforce can be kept closer to the home office allowing collaboration on content in real-time across multiple devices, including laptops and mobile devices. 

Teams is designed to meet the same security and data protection of Office 365. And Microsoft continually adds new features and functionality to Teams, making this one of the most robust tools in the Microsoft solution set. 

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Teams YouTube channel to see a Demo

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