Managed Services

What is Managed Services?
Managed services is a support solution that allows us to take over all aspects of managing the Information Technology infrastructure for our clients for a fixed price, allowing for a predictable monthly budget. The services provided to our clients increase efficiency, security and reliability of their IT systems.

Why is this better than a standard break/fix relationship?

  • Break/fix service often results in a delayed response and solution to your IT problems.  Time spent ‘putting out the fires’ can be greatly reduced using managed services.
  • Having a set monthly price allows our clients to budget efficiently for their company’s IT needs. Remote and on-site support are included for IT systems covered under your plan.
  • We leverage several technology tools to allow us to proactively monitor and manage all systems. In many cases, we can identify and fix a problem before our clients ever realize a problem existed, thereby reducing company downtime.
  • Automatic patch management decreases downtime and security vulnerability by keeping your systems up-to-date.
  • We partner with our clients to ensure optimal IT health, not just for today but with future planning to keep them current and benefiting from the best solutions for their individual business.
  • The Reliance team brings experienced, qualified and certified engineers and implements up-to-date technology to support your company goals.

What’s the bottom line?
Our clients find that they are more productive and more profitable because their systems are more reliable. With the day to day pressures of running any business it is vital to have all the moving parts of your company in good working order.  Managed services provided by Reliance will take care of your IT needs helping your company succeed.