Improve Efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint


Three Ways SharePoint Can Help Your Business Thrive through Efficiency 

When your business needs a solution for managing its data, it needs SharePoint. Because of its customizable access to a variety of business resources, SharePoint allows your staff to arrange the most efficient access to the data it regularly uses — and needs — to do its best work. SharePoint is most effective in automating day-to-day functions that rely on data usage to complete, facilitating electronic communication between employees, and producing real-time cooperation between workers in multiple locations. Let’s take a look at how SharePoint performs each of these advantages, and how they may apply to you. 

 Automating Day-to-day Functions 

By triggering the next event in a sequential chain of activities, SharePoint eliminates inefficient interactions (or slow communication) between workers. And since time is money, tasks carried out more quickly also may save you money. Besides, SharePoint’s automated processes remove the possibility of human error in workflow because they carry out functions with repetitive consistency. Featuring customizable options for workers to manage their personal part in the workflow process, SharePoint provides your staff with the opportunity to exercise their best practices, which raises the bar on quality. 

 Facilitating Electronic Communication  

Using SharePoint electronic communication tools, employees can make personal connections with others who perform similar functions or have similar data usage and/or responsibilities. Directories, My Site pages, user profiles, and social networking avenues allow workers to share best practices and other workplace knowledge via chat, posts, event calendars, and email. These kinds of interactive electronic communications have the potential to improve worker performance and hasten the sharing of useful workplace knowledge. By expanding their networks through electronic communications, SharePoint helps staff members build relationships, enhance trust throughout the corporation, and expand their body of knowledge about the company as well as about their particular work functions. 

 Producing Real-time Cooperation  

SharePoint offers team-only access to certain data and documents. This flexibility in determining data access allows real-time permission depending on project development needs and changes in work teams. Not only providing multi-point storage and access to documents, SharePoint also allows co-authoring. Simultaneous editing of documents by multiple employees in real-time shortens turnaround time and reduces the need for sequential approvals. As well, project team leaders can outline, develop, and assign tasks to workgroup staff members on the go, in a way that helps team members quickly understand their interdependent relationships. 

 Putting it all together, work function automation, enhanced electronic communication, and real-time cooperation:  SharePoint offers the kinds of benefits that businesses – large or small – need to remain competitive. These benefits may save you time and money, streamline your company’s processes and workflow, plus build trust and communication even among geographically separated locations. It may sound too good to be true, but businesses all over the globe are using SharePoint right now in ways that help to increase quality and efficiency.

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