Why Every Business Needs A Business Continuity Plan


Business Continuity from Reliance Keeps Your Mission-critical Operations Running Despite Calamities.

What if your business could go on functioning during and after a disaster as if the disaster had never happened? Fires, floods, snow and ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes… these kinds of calamities may strike at any time, and sometimes with little or no warning. As well, consider the possibilities of cyber attacks and electrical power outages. When any one of these disasters hits, your company must be ready with a business continuity program in place to maintain its most essential functions. That’s where Reliance Technologies can provide what you need.

What is Business Continuity?

Much more than just disaster recovery, business continuity puts systems and operations in place — in advance of a disaster — according to a well thought-out plan. Reliance helps you determine your business’s mission-critical operations. Then, we outline the systems that will provide backup operations for your network servers, processors, databases, and so on. In this way, technologies like disk mirroring can be used to allow systems to access data without interruption, even when a disruption occurs in another location. Your business continuity plan will also include a prioritization of your business operations to ensure that the most critical tasks continue. As well, we incorporate your Return to Operation and Recovery Point Objectives.

Return to Operation

There are a number of significant factors that determine your company’s Return to Operation (RTO), or the time it will take to having your operating functions back to full capacity following a calamity. Reliance helps you determine your RTO by a careful review of how long your abilities to communicate, access data, and operate online can be down. We do this by conducting a dry run and addressing specific processes that need the most attention. We’ll also work with you to inspect your current backup and recovery systems – including hardware – and make recommendations for improvement.

Recovery Point Objectives

How much data can your business afford to lose in the event of a catastrophe? How far back must your business data go to be relevant? These are some of the questions we resolve in helping you determine your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Storage and backup capacities aren’t unlimited. That’s why Reliance works with you to determine your RPO, so we can put systems in place that retain only the data most critical and necessary for keeping your business running strong following a disaster.

There is a lot to consider when planning for unexpected emergencies, calamities, and disasters. You can count on the seasoned professionals at Reliance Technologies to put your mind at ease by creating a thoughtful business continuity plan. We’ll help you maintain your mission-critical systems and restore the data you need to return to operation and meet your recovery point objectives, no matter what kind of calamity strikes.

We understand that every business has different needs and varying objectives.  You can rely on our decades of experience to help you find the right Business Continuity plan to meet your specific needs. Call Reliance Technology Solutions today at 513-398-7324 to find out how the Cincinnati area’s trusted IT partner for business can help you.

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