Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.03.51 PMAs we move further into the age of high availability and instant gratification we must adapt our business practices to this ever-changing demand. Similar to most markets, data protection requires a far different product than it did at the turn of the century. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not an acceptable strategy for off-site backup.

Protecting data has become more complex as the technology and market for services has changed. Traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions may have been sufficient in the past but now an intelligent business continuity plan is required to take the risks out of data protection. Datto is an award-winning provider of intelligent business continuity solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, and includes a knowledgable and technical support staff that is available during extended hours and around the clock for emergency support situations.

The recovery point objective (RPO) and the recovery time objective (RTO) are two very specific parameters that are closely associated with recovery. RPO is related to how far back in time you are able to go to recover lost data. If you need to be able to restore data that is no more than four hours old, then the RPO is four hours. The RTO is how long you can go without a specific system. This is often associated with your maximum allowable or maximum tolerable outage.

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