Why Your Business Needs an IT Consultant Instead of a Service Provider


Every business owner has the company’s best interest in mind when making decisions about time, money, and resources. Understandably, many times these decisions are based solely on cost savings in an effort to keep the business financially sound. However, when deciding who should service your business’s IT needs, it makes sense to not only consider the cost but also to consider the difference between an IT service provider and an IT consultant.

Both a service provider and an IT consultant can offer an outsider’s perspective on the problem or need to be addressed. However, they each go about this process in a different way.

An IT service provider comes out for a “one and done” assignment. As well, he or she is also a salesperson. IT service providers are knowledgeable about the latest and greatest technology – which is helpful – however, part of their job is to sell that technology to business owners, whether a true need exists for it or not. That’s not to say they’re dishonest, it’s simply part of their job, and their work with businesses is transactional.

Many service providers also tend to be part-time or transient, making it difficult to form business relationships and therefore difficult to develop a sustained history of understanding your IT needs. And because service providers tend not to be assigned to individual clients, any necessary return visits may not be made by the same person, requiring a “start from scratch” approach each time additional IT issues crop up. While the cost of a service provider may seem less expensive in the short run, the cost of repeated visits can add up in a hurry.

On the other hand, an IT consultant won’t be trying to sell you something. An IT consultant assesses your needs, proposes solutions, and leaves the decision up to you. As well, an IT consultant is interested in maintaining an ongoing business relationship. In this way, he or she can help you base future IT decisions on your history of working together. And in the way they approach their work with business owners, IT consultants have the business owners’ best interest in mind. The consultant truly has a desire to solve the IT problem or address the need with a long-term solution. Based on their experience with similar clients, their knowledge of appropriate products and services, and a thorough understanding of your IT issue, the consultant builds his/her reputation on the quality of the services they provide to businesses. Although having an IT consultant on contract sounds expensive, in the long run, the cost is less than racking up multiple calls to a service provider.

Working with an IT consultant lends your business the expertise, commitment, and consideration of a true IT professional who has your best interests in mind when solving a problem or addressing a need. Contact an IT consultant today at Reliance Technology Solutions. You can rely on our decades of experience to help you find appropriate, cost-effective ways to solve your business’s IT needs.

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